Amazon, Facebook and Google Will Meet to Help the Patients With Cancer

Sara Cunningham March 5, 2013 0

Amazon, Facebook and Google did not decline a British cancer charity’s proposal to team up with them. The team will aim to develop an online game that will find a cure for cancer. Knowing the three companies to be the leaders in the internet, they are aiming to create an online game that will benefit to speed up the struggle in searching for new cancer remedies or drugs. The British charity leads the project, the Cancer Research in the United Kingdom. This application should allow any concerned citizen with a Smartphone will be able to help find additional cancer drugs while playing a game, even just for five minutes.

There will be a scheduled weekend GameJam that will include gamers, programmers and graphic designers. The GameJam will be from March 1-3, after the said event, all the made concepts for the game will be studied and will be planned to come into reality with the help of an agency. On the other hand, cancer has killed almost 8 million people in the world and its rate is expected to go higher in the coming years, according to the World Health Organization. The CRUK’s specialists are not stopping in finding out what leads a person to develop cancer in its body cells. They also discovered that there are possible new drugs to cure breast cancer. With the help of Amazon, Facebook and Google, it will be a lot faster to analyze information and get results.

Amazon, Facebook and Google Will Meet to Help the Patients With Cancer

During the entire process, the participating companies – Amazon, Facebook and Google – said the research for the new ways will be easier. If this happens, development of new drugs for the cure will also be realized and will give another amount of hope for cancer patients. According to Philip Su, the best way to solve a problem is to bring together brilliant and smart folks to work together for a good cause.

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