Facebook Successfully Acquired Atlas Ad by Microsoft for About $50 Million

Sara Cunningham March 6, 2013 0
Facebook Successfully Acquired Atlas Ad by Microsoft for About $50 Million

Atlas Ad is a support backed by Microsoft. It provides a platform that will assist marketers to deliver online campaigns at its very best. The program offers the user the comfort to choose its own options and the assurance that all of the digital campaigns are given topmost priority. Microsoft acquired the assets for the program way back year 2007 for $6 billion. Microsoft has done a very good job since it has acquired the asset. Since then, Microsoft is one of the leaders in investing in the line of online advertising. The company says its revenues are high but it’s time to move forward.

Facebook Successfully Acquired Atlas Ad by Microsoft for About $50 Million

Facebook is also considered a tool for free advertising since it started. Rumors have been speculating that Microsoft will be selling Atlas Ad to a social network company. Indeed on Thursday, Microsoft together with Facebook proudly announced its closed deal with the social network company. Facebook has finally acquired the program, but no information about the deal price was given. According to an advertising analyst or firm – Advertising Age, its estimated price could reach about $50 million. On the other hand, Microsoft invested $6.2 billion in aQuantive deal last year, a cost much higher than Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick. It was also Google’s strategy to get into the digital advertising market.

Microsoft’s letting go of Atlas Ad doesn’t mean the company will finally leave the market. It’s just a way to move forward and just give the company a little rest in online advertising. It’s just a part of the company’s need for evolution, according to Tom Phillips. He is the senior director of communications for Microsoft. He also added that a few years ago the company once focused on building a single technology for advertisements, today the team is fully charged to invent devices that will best represent their platform in the years to come. The Atlas team will remain to stay in its headquarters in Seattle and will start working with Facebook the soonest possible time.

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