Chromebook Pixel Is Too Expensive Compared to the MacBook Air

Sara Cunningham March 6, 2013 0

One of Google’s stars in the Mobile World Congress was the Chromebook Pixel. Google used to be a normal search engine and has evolved more than enough in introducing Android to the world. The company is also in the middle of creating new tablets, Smartphones and laptops. The Chromebook laptop which was released prior to this Pixel was excellently beautiful. It was not much but enough at a price of $250. Google’s Chromebook laptops are mainly online laptops. It has a very little amount of storage and basically doesn’t have a hard drive. It’s perfect for browsing the web, email, video streaming and online file storage like Google Drive.

But that was the first Chromebook laptop, the latest Chromebook Pixel is asking too much for its price. No one can deny its very elegant and corporate look with a descent metal case. Its keyboard lights up in the dark and a different showcase of light when the laptop is turned on from sleep mode. It displays a very beautiful screen and is touch capable too. Apparently, that’s it. The laptop, having a touch screen monitor, is even a question to analysts because as of the moment, websites are still not designed for a touch screen feature. At the same time, the laptop is too heavy, knowing that it doesn’t even have a heavy internal specification. It is for sale in two prices, for $1,300 and for $1,450.

Chromebook Pixel Is Too Expensive Compared to the MacBook Air

It appears that the Chromebook Pixel is aiming to entice the lovers of MacBook Air. The Apple laptop is like a folded desktop. It has all the features that can be provided by a desktop computer. At the same time, the Apple laptop only costs less than a hundred, still cheaper than the Google’s price. The old Chromebook laptop is good enough, but the new Pixel is too much with nothing really new to offer.

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