Dell XPS 10 Passed the Survey With Flying Colors

Sara Cunningham March 7, 2013 0

The iFixit team – a group of artists, who conducts reviews on any kind of devices, including Dell XPS 10, conducted a scheduled review of several tablet PCs last Thursday. The review was done by literally studying the advantages and disadvantages of different tablet brands in the market today. Some of the brands given attention were, Google Nexus 7, Dell XPS 10, Barnes & Noble’s tablet, Amazon Kindle Fire, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and Dell Streak. The team gave out scores for each of the brands after every test. It appeared that the XPS tablet won the battle with a high score.

According to the reviews, the team found it hard to take the battery out for replacement in the Google Nexus 7, it will also cost a lot of time to unscrew the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with its many tiny screws. While the Surface Pro with Windows 8 gained the lowest score of 1. It scored lower than the Apple products or the iPad series. The user will have to unscrew 90, securing the tablet, its glass and its LCD screen together. The team also warned the users who are planning to personally open their tablets. It gave a warning in cracking it open since the user will have to do the exact procedure perfectly or else end up destroying it. The one device that the team found very repairable was the Dell XPS 10.

Dell XPS10 Passed the Survey With Flying Colors

The Dell XPS 10 captured the hearts of iFixit in instant since it has been observed to have the most powerful battery and lasts much longer. The tablet gained a high score of 9 on its ability to be repaired compared than the Apple series and in any other brands out there. It was rated by Joel Santo Domingo who gave the comments for the device. The battery is very easy to detach since it’s not fully glued and only has six screws holding the tablet in one piece. Overall, the device garnered all the colorful flying scores in the survey. It has defeated the iPad series which only gained a sweet score of 2.

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