The Google Glass Will Overpower Smartphones As Soon As It’s Released

Sara Cunningham March 7, 2013 0

Google Glass is anticipated to conquer the world soon. It is a portable and mind you, wearable type of computer. It is an Android powered computer that one can take anywhere simply because it’s actually a headgear. It has promised to bring the world closer to computers in such unimaginable ways. It will be out in the market very soon and has been thought to overpower the need of man for touch screen smartphones.

That is the thought of Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google Glass and leads the Project Glass team. Brin released the statement during the TED Conference in Long Beach California. The conference started last February 27, and was there to witness him releasing his statement. He also added that not very long, mankind will be able to control the products of present modern technology. The users will be able to do what they want to do and to be in control with the help of the device. The device will work with voice commands without touching it, which means the user will totally be in control.

The Google Glass Will Overpower Smartphones As Soon As It’s Released

The Google Glass also performs tasks without the need for a command. If there’s a need for the device to do something for the user or a need to provide information, the Glass will do it in no time. That is the goal of the Project Glass which will soon come into place in the world of technology. However, Brin’s statements at the conference gained few positive and more negative reactions in the social media. One of them was Tom Giles who expressed his thought on Twitter. He was actually dismayed having found Brin said it since the man have earned billions in creating smartphones and just dump it anytime. Also, one of them was Tom Reestman who thought Brin might be suffering from emasculation issues too. There has been no reported reaction from Brin after the tweeted comments. Furthermore, the Glass is a head mounted display that will perform all duties through voice commands. The Explorer edition will be out in the market before the year ends. The device has a built-in webcam, GPS and is very light that the user can wear it anywhere.

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