New and re-designed Microsoft Xbox One console coming in Q1 of 2014 – Report

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New and re-designed Microsoft Xbox One console coming in Q1 of 2014 – Report


We have an interesting update for gamer and Xbox fans who haven’t bought the Microsoft Xbox One console yet. If your friends and family have been asking you to give them one good reason why you did not buy the Microsoft Xbox One gaming console yet, this is it!

Yes, that’s right – Microsoft will soon be coming up with a new Xbox One model in the first quarter of the year 2014. If you are surprised after hearing this, you shouldn’t be. There have been reports indicating that Microsoft has started work on a new console, obviously in order to make the Box One even better than what it is right now.

As far as the Microsoft Xbox Sony PlayStation gaming consoles are concerned, regular iterations have always been an important part of the evolution. We saw the same thing happen to the Sony PlayStation 2 as well as the Sony PlayStation 3. The slim models of these two gaming consoles were far better, lighter, and smaller than the original ones.

xbox one inside the box

We expect something similar to happen in case of the Microsoft Xbox One console. There will definitely be no changes in features and the facilities that you are already getting. But yes, you can look forward to some ‘new and extra’ stuff that might come in the form of better hardware or added and improved features.

A recent report from DigiTimes says that Microsoft is working on another Xbox One model and this new version will also be available in stores in the first quarter of 2014. We know that this might seem to be a long wait, but if you can hold on to your money then you will be able to get the latest console a few months after. So if you still have your Xbox 360 or Sony PlayStation 3, hold on to it for a few months if possible. But if you are too eager to check out the Microsoft Xbox One and do not want to wait, we know what it’s like so go ahead!

DigiTimes also said that it received this information from Taiwanese suppliers, who have been chosen to be the part suppliers and are in-charge of the production of these new consoles. The sources said that Microsoft has asked them to finish the production of these new Xbox One consoles as early as possible, and the timeline given was Q1 of 2014.

So considering that these Taiwanese suppliers have sufficient amount of time, we still have to assume that the new Microsoft Xbox One consoles will be available in the market by the end of March or early April. Additionally, the report also says that Microsoft had asked its supply chain to start mass production of the current Xbox One by 1 million units per month, prior to the Xbox One official launch last quarter.

Well, we already know that more than 1 million units of the Microsoft Xbox One console were sold and the number just keeps on increasing. This might sound odd to you now, but we support both the decisions – simply get the current Xbox One or wait for the new model to come out. For many of you, this will be a question of personal preference, and we respect your decision.

Now if you are interested in knowing about the differences between the current Microsoft Xbox One console and the upcoming one, we have some assumptions but you have to wait for the official release to find out the exact details. So to be on the safe side, we assume that the new Microsoft Xbox One console will be comparatively smaller and lighter than the original one. It might also use lesser power and could have a slightly improved internal architecture. You will still be able to play all the games and will be able to use all the accessories that are currently available for the Xbox One, so compatibility should not at all be a problem.

Microsoft has not given any comments about this new Xbox Console and there have been no hints either. But the sources say that this new console might be more expensive than the current model that went on sale for $499 this month.

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