DSS Technology Management Sued Apple for Infringement of Patents

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After the successful launching of its latest technology devices, such as iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPad Air and iPad Mini 2, Apple is now facing a big controversy as the DSS Technology Management¬ has sued the company for infringing two patents that relate to the wireless peripheral device usage. As of the moment, Apple cannot be reached for a comment regarding the issue.

The Document Security Systems

DSS Technology Management Sued Apple for Infringement of PatentsThe Document Security Systems Technology Management was the former Lexington Technology Group, which sued five large companies last October 2012. Two of the five companies it sued were Facebook and LinkedIn. These companies were sued due to the reason of infringing several patents that involve the business and social networking technology. The Lexington Technology Group was renamed as DSS Technology Management when the company became wholly-owned subsidiary of the parent company Document Security Systems last July 2013.


DSS Technology Management Versus Apple Company

The parent company Document Security Systems said on Wednesday that its patent company DSS Technology Management has sued the Apple company for violation not just one but two patents that concern with the proper use of wireless peripheral devices. DSS has charged several products of the Apple company for violating a number of the patent’s claims in offering wireless Bluetooth connections to a number of peripheral units. Some of the Apple computers that have been charged by DSS are iPad, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPhone, Mac Mini, iMac and even the upcoming Mac Pro, which has not been released yet.

According to the side of DSS, the Apple company obtained more than one patent portfolios, which came from two different companies, in the later part of the year to cover the use of low duty Bluetooth and the manufacturing of semiconductor. It stated that the acquisition would be fabricated through the process of licensing.

Low Duty Cycle

The patents that carry the US patent numbers 6,128,290 and 5,699,357 are both named as Personal Data Network. iPad, iPhone and other consumer devices of Apple offer a battery powered system intended for the purpose of transferring data in which its peripherals and server connect using a low-power cycle RF outbreaks as declared in one or even more claims in both the US patent numbers 6,128,290 and 5,699,357.

The DSS Technology Management has sued the Apple company for a damage compensation, which may incorporate the loss profits of the company. The compensation should not be less than the acceptable royalty intended for the use made of the declared patents’ property. As of now, only the DSS Technology Management has given information regarding the matter. Apple could not be contacted as of the moment to give their side’s explanation regarding this case.

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