Dutch Data Protection Authority Versus Google

Jaycee De Guzman November 30, 2013 0
Dutch Data Protection Authority Versus Google


Google is currently facing a crisis these days. According to the Dutch Data Protection Authority, or DPA, the company has violated the Dutch data protection law by shuffling and combining the personal information of its users from a number of its different online services, which include the surfing of multiple websites, in order to personalize their services and tailor ads.

The Violation Committed by Google

Google is known to combine several personal information of its users without their permission. This is the violation committed by Google, according to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. To make a formal move against this violation, the Dutch Data Protection Authority has summoned Google to discuss the matter. After the said discussion, a decision will be made whether to whether to take any legal action against Google, which of course will mean that a fine will be collected from the said company.

The report stated that Google does not provide clear information as to what personal data of the user they are collecting and combining. They do not also emphasize as to what purpose serves the personal data. The report also stressed out the fact that it is almost impossible for a Dutch user to use YouTube, Maps, search engines or other third party websites without even interacting with Google. This violates the privacy of the user.


Hearing the Side of Google

Dutch Data Protection Authority Versus GoogleThe Google has already given a statement, explaining their side. According to the company, they always provide users sufficient information regarding to how the personal data of the user are being processed and used. They also emphasized that they company never violated any law and that it respects the European law. The company defends itself by saying that combining personal data is just a way of making their services much simpler and much more effective. They also said that they have engaged with the rules of the Dutch Data Protection Authority all throughout their chosen process and that they will continue to do this.

The European Decision

The European decision carries all the concerns of the entire Europe regarding the volume of personal information being held in cloud storage services. The cloud storage services are the process of remotely storing personal data through the internet rather than storing it on-site. This gives users little control over their own personal information. Right now, there are six countries that are keeping their eyes on the privacy policy of Google. These six nations are Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain. Fines and charges that will be imposed are far lower compared to how much the Google company is earning. The Data Protection Agency of Spain said that Google US and Google Spain are believed to be committing six violations of Spain’s Data Protection Agency, according to initial investigations. If this claim would be proven, additional $408,000 fine would be collected from Google. However, this is nothing compared to the earnings of $545,000 every five minutes of the Google Company.

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