Google Glass Is Going to Be a Big Hit Once Released in the Market

Sara Cunningham March 7, 2013 0

The Google Glass was released last June by the executives of Apple. It was introduced by Sergey Brin. He is the leader of the Project Glass, the co-founder and chief executive. The demo was best described as “amazing” which featured up to what extent the Glass can do. It featured how it can record and capture moments like skydiving, biking, rappelling and even simple kiddie parties. The glass is an augmented-reality headgear, for some to call it.

Since the event, the Google Glass has starred in special events like the Oscars and was featured on the Verge. Now the world knows that the password to make the Glass work is “Hello Glass” and can’t wait to say it too. This just indicates that the user takes control of anything the Glass will do. The device will even do anything that it needs to do without any command. Its main language will also be the voice commands that will be given by the handler. The Glass is currently being tested by developers and are still charged with $1,500. But the company aims to sell it at a lower price to make it possible for different types of people to enjoy the power of the Glass.

Google Glass Is Going to Be a Big Hit Once Released in the Market

Google was able to release a video to showcase what it takes to have a Google Glass. The video is called the “One Day” video. The glass is powered by Android too; it will also showcase all the features of an Android system. The applications like Google Maps, Hangouts, even the cloud connections are surely available in the device. It also promises an excellent job in capturing photos and recording videos, weather check and taking note of reminders. Clearly, Google Glass is going to be a big hit for anyone who does not want to miss a chance of every single moment in the world. The world is beautiful and so is the Glass.

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