Great Holiday Televisions

Alex Bezeau December 2, 2013 0
Great Holiday Televisions


The Holiday season is officially here, and the time is ripe to acquire a new television. There are many great options on the market currently, but we are here to discuss the best. The televisions that require a double take to fully appreciate the picture quality. These are the TVs you should consider treating your friends to, as well as yourself. Every one of these televisions has some quality, some edge, that helps it stand out in a glutted market.

First up is the LG 42LN5200. This television boasts a 42” screen as well as a 1080 pixel resolution. That is very respectable for a television, but par for the course with LG. This television also contains LED backlighting. Which improves picture quality to a stunning degree. The price tag is also a considerable deal for a television. At only $399, the LG 42LN5200 is at the prehaps the lowest rung of pricing for a 42” television. This makes it a great deal for the holidays and an easy pickup for any interested.


If the LG 42LN5200 wasn’t big enough for you, why not look at the LG 50LN5600? This Television cashes in at a whopping $650 without even talking about channels or subscriptions. For all that money, one would expect some serious tech packed in right? Well this television delivers. Like it’s smaller cousin, the LG 50LN5600 comes with LED backlighting and a 1080p resolution. Unlike the 42LN5200, this television has a resolution scaler so you can pick and choose just what kind of picture you’re looking at. It also comes packaged with LG’s smart TV system. which greatly streamlines the viewing process for consumers. Perhaps best of all is that the 50LN5600 does all of this while being crowned the most efficient television of 2013.


Next up is the Samsung PNF8500. This television is priced at the extremely exorbitant rate of $2,500. However, the price tag is the only problem that could even be considered to hold this television back. First of all, this television has a gigantic 60” display. Not to mention Samsung is always among the best TVs in regard to picture quality, and the PNF8500 is no different. In regards to the competition, this television stands head and shoulders above the rest with exception to it’s Panasonic equivalent. However Panasonic cannot match Samsung’s quality in bright conditions. The PNF8500 outshines all other plasma TVs in high brightness areas. providing clear and beautiful pictures in even direct sunlight. Something that Panasonic cannot boast.


Speaking of the Panasonic equivalent, the Panasonic TC-PZT60 is perhaps one of the best televisions ever made. Like the Samsung PNF8500, This massive 60” plasma display is priced at eyebrow-raising price of $2,500. For the most part, it’s on the same level as Samsung’s equivalent, with Samsung eking out ahead in bright conditions. But if the PNF8500 can be considered the Queen of the Day; then the Panasonic TC-PZT60 can easily be called the King of Night. Whatever advantage Samsung had during bright conditions is removed once the light levels go down, and Panasonic’s television can show off it’s better all around picture quality as well as the deepest black levels of any competitor at it’s level. This isn’t even mentioning that  TC-PZT60 provides 3D function, and in a general sense, it is as close as it comes to actual picture quality.



Another television that is catching a lot of attention is the Sony KDL-55W900A. This high-end LED television can only be purchased at a price of $2000 for a 55” display. It is one of the higher priced LED televisions out there, beating some plasma TVs even. It makes up for this price discrepancy by providing some of the best picture quality to ever grace a LED display. In all, it’s a solid television with desirable features like deep black levels, great shadow details and excellent gamma. Which gives it the status of a solid gift for the Sony fans out there.


Then there is the VIZIO E701i-A3. This television has great quality and is respectable in all aspects. However it doesn’t quite measure up to quality of the televisions listed previously. That does not mean that the VIZIO E701i-A3 shouldn’t be among them, for it’s real strength lies elsewhere. Instead of having flashy fidelity or iconic imagery, the VIZIO simply gives you the most bang for your buck. The screen is an incredible 70” display, which beats just about everything else out of the water. Then you see the relatively cheap price tag of $1500 and it’s like magic. This is the television for the everyman with money to spend. Giving you the one of the largest pictures for a great price with a beautiful resolution. More So, the VIZIO E701i-A3 comes packaged with all the VIZIO online apps to make watching television a fast and efficient affair.


For those really looking to for value shopping, however. There is probably no greater choice than the oCOSMO 40 inch 1080p LED MHL & Roku ready HDTV. Primarily because of the obscenely low price tag of $250. Yes, someone out there is crazy enough to sell a 40” HDTV with the best pixel quality possible at the moment for $250. While that is more than enough to ok it in my books, it goes above and beyond by providing good picture quality as well as great shading. Again, all of this is a steal for $250, and if your television is in need of an upgrade, you could do a lot worse than this solid piece of hardware.


Again, with the holidays here, budget will be a concern. Some people will be able to splurge on incredibly high end pieces like the Samsung PNF 8500 or the Panasonic TC-PZT60. Others might be confined to choosing between the very budget friendly oCOSMO or the LG 42LN5200. Maybe one can instead afford some of the more midrange options, like the VIZIO E701i-A3 or the Sony KDL-88W900A. However, anyway you look at it, the options available today are stronger than ever. You would be doing yourself a disservice to rule out purchasing a new television altogether. So keep an eye out for those holiday sales and deals that will inevitably surface, because one of them just might be for one of the televisions that truly deserve to be called the best.

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