Call of Duty Ghosts is the most popular and most played game on next-gen consoles (Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One)

David Parker December 2, 2013 1
Call of Duty Ghosts is the most popular and most played game on next-gen consoles (Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One)


A recent report from Activision indicates that Call of Duty Ghosts is the most popular and most played game on the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One gaming consoles. Activision (the publisher) gave out this information in a press release, and we are happy to give you this good news!

So if you have already got your hands on the Sony PlayStation 4 or the Microsoft Xbox One gaming console, then you most definitely are a reason to make Activision happy. You must already be playing Call of Duty Ghosts, but if you haven’t started yet, we strongly suggest that you get the game and check it out. Consumers have been overwhelmed with this next-gen version of the Call of Duty series, which already has become a big hit all over the world.

Activision launched Call of Duty Ghosts for the Sony PlayStation 4 on the 5ht of November, and for the Microsoft Xbox One on the 22nd of November. By the way, the game is also available on older consoles like the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360, and is doing great there as well. So no matter what console you have, you should check out Call of Duty Ghosts, because that is one game you should not miss!


As mentioned earlier, Call of Duty Ghosts has already become the most played game on the Sony PS4 and Xbox One, but at the same time, the game is currently on number one position in the US and UK retail sales charts. We already know how good the Call of Duty series has been, so this news doesn’t really come as a big surprise, although we are extremely happy to see that consumers have got a great game to play and spend their time on.

“It’s the #1 selling title at key retailers and it’s also the most played game on Xbox One and PS4 globally. As we’ve said before, we’ve got the best community of fans in the world, and we’re thrilled they’re coming with us to the next generation,“ said Eric Hirshberg, the CEO of Activision Publishing, Inc.

“As home to the largest and most engaged Call of Duty community, it is no surprise that the newest entry in the blockbuster franchise has quickly become the most played multiplayer game on both Xbox One and Xbox 360,” said Yusuf Mehdi, the VP of marketing and strategy for Microsoft interactive entertainment.

“Congratulations to our friends at Microsoft for the launch of the Xbox One. Xbox and Call of Duty together have formed a valued and lasting partnership on Xbox 360, and we know this is just the beginning. So we look forward to an exciting new future on Xbox One,” said Dave Stohl, executive vice president, worldwide studios, Activision Publishing, Inc.

So there you have it, a number of praises and well wishes for the game that has been rocking a lot of worlds! And just in case you are interested, we have some really interesting numbers for you right here. This information has been made available to us courtesy of the gameplay statistics that was revealed by Activision. So go ahead and check out what Call of Duty Ghosts and its players have been doing:

  • More than 1 billion multiplayer matches have been played till now (and counting)
  • Ghosts players have prestiged more than 2.2 million times across all versions (and counting)
  • More than 3.3 trillion experience points (XP) have been earned by players across all versions (and counting)
  • Total sales marks has crossed the $1 billion mark (channel sales)

Call of Duty Ghosts is an excellent video game, and we are going to continue playing it right after this post! We would love you to join us and the entire worldwide community and try the game. So what’s it going to be? Are you ready to pick up the gun and shoot some enemies? We want to hear from you, so share your opinions in the comments section below.

By the way, if you want to take a look at the intense gameplay, you don’t have to go searching for it anywhere. We have a great video for you right here, go ahead and check it out.

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