Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be unveiled in Q1 of 2014; are you ready to wait?

David Parker December 3, 2013 0
Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be unveiled in Q1 of 2014; are you ready to wait?


According to the information provided by a latest report from a Korean source, Samsung might unveil its next generation Android flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5 as soon as Q1 of next year. The company is expected to start mass production in January of next year and should start offering the Galaxy S5 in markets all around the world by February or March.

We have interesting news for Samsung fans and consumers who are confused about whether they should go ahead and buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 or wait for the Samsung Galaxy S5 to be available in the market! We might not exactly help you solve the problem right now, but we are here to give you an update that will help you make the decision.

A recent report from Korean site ETNews indicates that Samsung has become pretty serious about its next generation flagship device and will be unveiling the same as early as possible in Q1 of 2014. It is being said that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a 64-bit CPU, which will be a part of the next-gen Samsung Exynos chipset. So this time you won’t have two quad-core processors that are switched depending upon the task at hand. Instead, there will be a true octa-core processor backed up by 3GB of RAM and a massive 4000 mAh battery.

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By the way, the reports claim that Samsung will once again come up with two variants of the Galaxy S5. One will be powered by the Samsung Exynos octa-core chipset and the other one will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. We are quite sure that one of them will have support for 64-bit processing, but we can’t say the same for sure about the Snapdragon version.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to continue using a 5-inch display touchscreen display similar to the Galaxy S5, but there will be some interesting changes and improvements to the display. For instance, Samsung is expected to use IGZO technology as well as a flexible OLED display that was used in the company’s own version of Galaxy Round. And yes, if you still have a doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will run on Android 4.4 KitKat out of the box.

Along with the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Korean smartphone manufacturer is also expected to unveil the next generation Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch! This next-gen smartwatch is expected to be 15-20 percent thinner than the current one and will provide a better battery backup. Similar to what Samsung did in case of the Note 3 and Galaxy Gear, the Galaxy Gear 2 might be bundled along with the Galaxy S5. But don’t worry, if the Galaxy Gear 2 is on the way, you will be able to use it with your other Galaxy devices like the Note 3 and Galaxy S4.

So if you have been planning to get a Samsung Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note 3 for yourself, we have a suggestion for you! If you can manage to use your current smartphone and still manage to live for 2 to 3 months, you should look forward to the Galaxy S5. Waiting for 2 to 3 months could be the best decision you ever make, provided that the Galaxy S5 gets unveiled in February or March.

But if you are worried about the time line, we have some interesting stats for you right here. If you compare the release dates of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4, there was a difference of 10 months between the two. Now if you compare the release date of the Galaxy S4 and the suggested release date of the Galaxy S5, then again there is a difference of 10 months! Fair enough?

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