An Unbiased Review of the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

Jaycee De Guzman December 4, 2013 0
An Unbiased Review of the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX


I have always been a fan of Amazon Kindle. Can you imagine just how happy I was hearing that Amazon Kindle is already offering its latest model to the public? My happiness doubled when I found out that Amazon is offering two types of Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, which are the 7-inch and the 8.9-inch versions.

An Unbiased Review of the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

Kindle Fire HDX: Design

I decided to acquire the larger version of Kindle Fire HDX. From a far view of the device, it just completely looks like its smaller version. Both versions posses a glossy black bezel on its front part and it features a rubberized plastic rear casing. Though, considering the size of the 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX, it is obvious that this is quite heavier compared to the smaller one, the weight does not differ too much. The Wi-Fi only 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX only weighs 374 grams while the 4G 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX is only weighs 384 grams. This just means that just like the 7-inch version of Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, it is also easy to hold even for a longer period of time.


Kindle Fire HDX: Features

An Unbiased Review of the Amazon Kindle Fire HDXDo you really think that the only advantage of the bigger Kindle Fire HDX version is its big screen size? Well, I am more than just happy to know that Amazon did not just give extra inch to this Kindle model. It also comes with an upgraded resolution of 339 pixels per inch. This is as good as the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 and Google’s Nexus 10. It can also put up a fight with Apple’s iPad Air as well, which has 264 ppi. However, the high resolution of this 8.9-inch Amazon Kindle Fire HDX also brings a downside to the device. Though it is undeniable that watching HD video through this device is absolutely good, watching lower quality videos is not that good due to the very fact that its display blows up a small video.

Kindle Fire HDX: Processor and Android

The 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HDX is run by a quad core 2.2 GHz CPU. It is also backed up by a 2GB RAM. Its operating system is none other than the Fire OS 3. This operating system is designed based on Android 4.2.2. The best thing I can say about this device is that it gives me the iOS-style feeling of the usual Android interface. Isn’t that great? I can get quick and easy access to whatever the Amazon store will offer every now and then. This means I already have the access to my favorite music subscription, magazine subscription, book lending library and many more. Overall, I can say that this Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is truly magnificent.

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