HTC One Mini Phone – Facing Patent Infringement Case

Jaycee De Guzman December 4, 2013 0
HTC One Mini Phone – Facing Patent Infringement Case


Amid the tight competition of smartphone models these days, several cases are raised in the court with regard to patent infringement. One of these patent infringement cases is the issue between the HTC Corporation and Nokia.

Nokia Versus HTC Corporation

Not long ago, Nokia filed a patent case against the HTC Corporation. The case grew from the patent infringement of HTC Corporation, as what the Nokia Company accused. Just recently, a London judge Richard Arnold has favored Nokia against the HTC Corporation as they have found out that the latter has really committed patent infringement. The HTC Corporation is no longer allowed to sell their HTC One Mini phone in the United Kingdom starting in December 2013. This is to follow the ruling from the London judge who found that Taiwanese Firm guilty of the accusation raised by the Nokia Corporation. The HTC One Mini phone contains microchips that violate the patent of Nokia. However, judge Richard Arnold chose to delay the injunction to give the Taiwanese firm the chance to appeal further. According to the London judge, the banning HTC from trading the One Mini phone of HTC in the United Kingdom will certainly hurt the sales of the HTC substantially.


Nokia: Asking for Compensation From HTC Corporation

HTC One Mini Phone - Facing Patent Infringement CaseLast March 2013, HTC Corporation launched its HTC One Mini phone in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. Not long after its launching, Nokia Corporation has sued the company for the patent violation it has committed. Due to this, the Nokia Corporation is also asking compensation from the Taiwanese firm in order to compensate the damaged they have caused to the prior. In owe to the ongoing appeal, the HTC Corporation has stopped shipping other products in the United Kingdom. The Taiwanese firm argues that the microchips found in their One Mini phone are very small and that banning their recently released device is very unreasonable. Between the months of January and September, the HTC sold more or less 750,000 smartphones, which is equivalent to a total revenue of $363 million.

The Chance to Settle With Nokia

The idea of settling with the Nokia Corporation is not impossible. Last 2011, Nokia also sued Apple Inc. over a chip patent. The case has been closed through formal settlement. The Nokia has granted Apple Inc. the license to use the chip patent. Just like how Apple Inc. settled the chip patent infringement with Nokia, HTC Corporation may also do the same thing. Nokia has filed a patent infringement case against the Taiwanese firm not just in the United Kingdom. It also filed a case against HTC in Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands and the United States. As of the moment, Nokia is getting the rulings. This might force the HTC Corporation to settle by the end of 2013.

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