The Mobile World Congress 2013 Was Filled With Brand New Innovation

Sara Cunningham March 8, 2013 0

Today marks the end of the Mobile World Congress 2013. It’s a wrap and everyone has packed up, securing the newly launched gadgets back in its place. This year was a tremendous year of gadgets. The new release of different versions of tablets by different leading brands came out and gained a lot of attention. New mobile device software sprouted which marks a challenge for Apple and Google’s famous Android. These newly launched inventions ruled the headlines for a whole week and might even extend as people await the final availability of the gadgets in stores. This year’s congress showed everyone what to wait for this year and an idea of what is more for technology in the year 2014.

In this year’s Mobile World Congress, Samsung and Apple may be thinking as to how the new operating systems affect their sales this year. A new operating system like Mozilla’s Firefox OS is ready to face the world. It has already partnered with ZTE and Alcatel which showcased its Firefox powered phones in the congress. HTC is also set to launch its first ever Firefox phone not later this year. This might put an end to the Android fever caused by Google in the past years and at present. Other operating systems were also released during this congress, like the one from Tizen and systems by Touch and Ubuntu.

The Mobile World Congress 2013 Was Filled With Brand New Innovation

Firefox and Tizen powered phones also targets the market of the rising countries. Its phones are expected to be cheaper but still can feature what an Android phone can provide. As the competition for smarter smartphones in the market nowadays, it’s also a competition in its price, not based on its high price but based on the phone that has the cheaper cost but can provide the same services. This is a trend started by Google in its Google Nexus 4. In the next Mobile World Congress, there’s a so much more to expect, we wonder what’s next in the world of technology.

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