Taking the Casino with You

Alex Bezeau December 4, 2013 1
Taking the Casino with You


It’s been a long week, and not much is going on over the weekend. Sure you can tell yourself “That’s life” again for the hundredth time, but isn’t it time for something new? Something fun, exciting, and has you sitting on the razor’s edge the whole way through. Well there is one easy way to let of the excess steam. Visit a casino! However, sometimes getting to a casino is a lot harder than it sounds. Sometimes the drive is a hassle. Sometimes you might not have any buddies to go with and you don’t want to be the poor sap to walk in alone. Maybe you just don’t have the hundreds of dollars available to make the trip worthwhile. It’s times like these when you can simply hop on your mobile device and download a casino app!

There are several advantages to playing on a casino app as opposed to the real thing.One of them is that you can take the app with you wherever you go. You can be sitting on the subway waiting to get wherever you’re going, and play a round of Blackjack while you wait! You don’t need to wait around for the weekend anymore to do some serious gambling.

Which is probably one of the coolest parts. I’m not talking about the fun little games you can play for free or where you don’t have to make a serious investment. These are real casino apps. Which just as much risk and reward as the real establishments. You can still play it safe like a frugal miser, or try to win it all with one huge bet. Real money makes for real stakes, which most of the fun casino game apps can’t replicate.


In addition, with a casino app, there are so many choices on what you can do. You can find all types of things that you would find in a normal casino. For example, you could play the iconic slot machines. Any casino that is worth walking into has them, and the same holds true for casino apps. You can access a wide library of slots at any time with the app, and take your time with each of them. Considering it will be done on a custom video stream. The fanfare and the slots will probably be a lot more exciting than a few flashing lights and little jingle.

How about taking a spin with the roulette wheel? Games of roulette are done is real time with a caller. To play, an internet connection will be required for them to stream the results directly. Once you are on, all you have to do is place your bets on the winning spin. It’s just as much of an adrenaline rush online as it is person, watching the ball come to rest on the winning number that you placed a bet on.



There are still a bunch of dealer games done live too. Texas Hold ‘Em, Craps, Blackjack, and more are available anywhere you can connect. The games can be much less rowdy as well since while there can be more players, the only person you will interact with are the dealer. From the luxury of your own home if you choose. It’s just as addictive as the real thing too. Getting away from a Blackjack table is hard to do once the dealer starts grabbing at your baseline. In person as well as online.

Since casino apps are inherently easier to get into,  the creators have started offering incentives for people to join and use their apps. Lots of places give you some free money to place bets with early on before you need to start purchasing the bets and cash. For example, online casino Singapore offers a welcome package to new members. Another thing you can probably look forward to are bonuses for bulk purchasing of the cash in the app. Whether this is discounts per unit for bulk purchasing or literal bonuses, the business model encourages buying a lot to fuel the gambling crave.


Sure there is more to do at the casino. The food will be stocked and the drinks will be fresh, and you’ll be in good company.  Why would you bother with that though when you can get the same experience from wherever you want? The casino can’t follow you into a cozy bed. Nor can it keep you busy during the off hours when nothing is going on and you have nothing to do. The convenience casino apps provide is unparalleled for the hardcore gamblers, and the casuals will love them because they don’t have to invest as much into it as opposed to going to a dedicated establishment. So now there is only one thing left to answer. Do you feel lucky?

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