Samsung Hires Judge Robin Jacob After Winning the Case Against Apple

Sara Cunningham March 8, 2013 0

Remember when Samsung used to had an ordeal with Apple in court, the company successfully won the case and was favored by the judge. The brilliant judge was Robin Jacob from United Kingdom. His judgment on the case resulted Apple to issue a public apology towards the other leading company after it accused it of stealing the iPad design. He was already retired while investigating on the case and was allowed by U.K. laws to still participate. According to the U.K. laws, a retired judge can still perform its tasks if needed.

Samsung Hires Judge Robin Jacob After Winning the Case Against Apple

Currently, Samsung is facing another case filed by Ericsson for patent infringement. It is confirmed that Judge Robin Jacob is now one of the official legal experts to defend the company against Ericsson. It appears that Jacob’s efforts in winning the case against Apple is now paying. It has been barely four months since the tablet company won over the American company, Apple. Jacob was remembered to be upset on Apple’s way of issuing a public apology after the case. This confirmation results to several comments against Jacob accepting the offer. Some also questioned why the United Kingdom law allows a retired judge to take part in such cases.

Samsung and Jacob have already built trust against each other. Considering that the company already released an official statement regarding this issue. If this was to happen within the United States territory, probably Jacob will not be allowed to accept the offer. A statement by Florian Mueller, a representative for Foss Patents, the United Kingdom clearly allows a retired judge to be hired by a company that used to be his client, there are rules or maybe unwritten rules that don’t need to be in context. In the United States, at least there are rules to at least prevent this situation to happen.

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