Interview With Guy Longworth Regarding the Sony PlayStation 4

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Interview With Guy Longworth Regarding the Sony PlayStation 4


Sony PlayStation 4 is absolutely doing well in terms of sales. Just two weeks after its release in Canada and the US and just three days after its release in other markets, the game console has already reached a total of 2 million sales. Without a doubt, the PlayStation 4 is absolutely a huge success for Sony’s PlayStation Network.

The 5 Million Target

The company has set its goal of achieving their ambitious goal of 5 million sales in March 2014. However, it seems like the company will be able to achieve this target without sweat as the Sony PlayStation 4 has already reached 2 million sales within just a very short period of time. However, the company still does not relax after this big hit. They are doing everything they can in order to meet, or even beat, their deadline target. In order to guarantee this, the company will need a killer holiday season.

Guy Longworth: Interview

Interview With Guy Longworth Regarding the Sony PlayStation 4An interview with Guy Longworth, Sony’s PlayStation Network’s Senior Vice President for Brand Marketing, was conducted to talk about the release and the sales of PlayStation 4. The answers given by Guy Longworth seem to be very optimistic regarding the sales of their recently released game console. When asked about the impact of the economy’s slow recovery from the recession to their sales, the brand marketing’s SVP said that the slow recovery from recession is not affecting the sales of their Sony PlayStation 4 since a big chunk of the entire mankind population is making money. He also emphasized that their sales have been very promising since the first day of their release.


He also said that the company is investing more in digital marketing as it is more effective in promoting the product and achieving more sales. Guy Longworth also revealed how the company is spending a lot in advertising through Facebook, YouTube, Google and IGN, which is one of the most prominent gaming sites today. This action signifies that the Sony Company is very focused on the core gamer.

The Target Market of Sony PlayStation 4

When asked about their target market, Guy Longworth said that they are not identifying their target market based on the age bracket. He emphasized how their target market no longer depends on the age bracket or geographical demographic these days. This can be proven by the fact that the Sony PlayStation has fans that are 13 years old and even 45 years old. The interview also revealed the reason as to why the company chose to remake the “Perfect Day” spot through a gamer-generated content this December 2013. Longworth said that the decision came from their observation of how gamers are fond of sharing their achievements. Without a doubt, Sony’s PlayStation Network is absolutely focused on the game experience it offers to the users.

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