Apple Blocks Adobe Flash Player in all OS X Operated Devices

Sara Cunningham March 9, 2013 0

Adobe is currently one of the most targeted for malicious software. That is exactly the reason why Apple has decided to tighten its security. The Safari Web Browser offered to increase its security level. Counted to be part of its security update, the OS X started to block older versions of the Flash. The older versions are considered to be more sensitive to malware. In this regard, the user is required to upgrade to the latest version of the Flash in order to continue opening supported files. The system is using its in-built Xprotect malware scanner, a feature in a MacBook that can detect and directly get rid of a certain malware.

Apple Blocks Adobe Flash Player in all OS X Operated Devices

Apple also started to block the older editions of the Oracle Javas since its sensitivity to malicious software is rapidly increasing. The action was done in order to provide immediate security to OS X users. It was a confirmation that led to many complications but  only took care of its customers’ sake. The company also confirmed that it was also one of the main targets for hacking attempts which are closely working with Java software. Once the users try to open a file using the older version, a pop window will show with a warning message. The message will directly tell the user that the version of the system has been blocked and that there is a need to update to the latest version to continue using the software.

This move is a considerable act from Apple. It just proves that the company is still thinking of its customers’ satisfaction. It gives the users a guarantee that using the company’s products will keep the user safe from any malware or any cyber-hacking. It has been reported a week ago that other leading companies in technology have been targeted too.

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