Blackberry Released Its BB10 Software Update to Increase the Phone’s Quality

Sara Cunningham March 9, 2013 0

On Friday, there were changes made to the Blackberry 10’s system. All the users of the device will receive their own BB10 software update. The updates are made to improve battery life and to make the application in the system better. The company made the update basing on the first users of the device’s feedbacks. Even feedbacks from its partner carriers were considered in the update.

Blackberry Released Its BB10 Software Update to Increase the Phone’s Quality

The BB10 software update included the camera. Improvements on the camera would focus on enhancing photos and videos taken in dim or with poor light environments. The browser was also updated to change its ways in handling the videos. There were also several updates on the phone itself including the other applications like the contacts and calendar. There was also an updated on Gmail’s calendar synchronized to the device. The company also exerted the effort to update the battery, to make the users enjoy their devices and make it last longer throughout the day. The update on the system was appreciated by many of the users since it added some features like predictive typing. The Blackberry 10 has been reported to have gained more sales outside the United States after its launch in January. The company also confirmed that the launch in the United Kingdom has recorded a triple improvement more than any other launch ever done.

The BB10 software update is one of the company’s ways of getting back to its spot in the market. The company has been reported to have lost sales in North America. Blackberry’s target has always been the people in the business and corporate world. The world where people would buy a phone they can use anytime and take to work at the same time. There have been rumors that the company will try its luck again in the tablet industry after its take on the Blackberry PlayBook. The company is motivated to get back on track despite having to face the giants – Apple and Samsung.

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