Sprint Inc. Would Rather Wait For Q10 Than Offer Blackberry Z10

Sara Cunningham March 9, 2013 0
Sprint Inc. Would Rather Wait For Q10 Than Offer Blackberry Z10

The leading carriers of the United States can’t wait to launch the Blackberry Z10, as this is the handset that will mark the comeback for Blackberry. The handset will be released this month by major carriers but rumors have speculated that Sprint Nextel Corp. is not joining the others in this event. It has been confirmed that Sprint will not offer the handset to its customers since it would better wait for the Q10. The Q10 is another one from Blackberry that has a QWERTY keypad but is a touch screen at the same time. The company has scheduled to release the Q10 before the year ends. It was a confirmation from Mark Elliot – spokesman for Overland Park from Kansas.

Sprint Inc. Would Rather Wait For Q10 Than Offer Blackberry Z10

The Sprint doesn’t mean anything offensive for not releasing the Blackberry Z10, but just figured that most of the customers would prefer to use the Q10 that has a QWERTY keyboard. The BB10 has an updated operating system which was improved by the company and this feature did not even convince Sprint to offer the handset to its subscribers. The release of the Q10 is Blackberry’s goal to convince customers that a phone with a keyboard can provide the same satisfaction like a touch screen can offer. Big carriers like Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile USA and AT&T Inc. have started their campaign for the release. Promotions are being released and sign-up pages are already available online. As of this time, there is no exact date yet for the release, but pretty sure it would be very soon.

The Blackberry Z10 has a 4.2 inch screen and kind of looks like any Android or Apple phones. The Z10 is the new entry for the company to dominate the market again. Since January, the phone has been on sale in Canada, the United Kingdom and several countries. The Unites States is a little late in releasing the phone since they spent more time to study and test the device. The Q10 will be available around the middle of summer for Verizon, while Sprint never gave any hint.

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