Blackberry Is Starting to Gain Its Original Users Back From Using Apple and Android

Sara Cunningham March 10, 2013 0

Months before Blackberry launched the BB10, its avid consumers had very high hopes that it will totally hit the market. The loyalists expected the device to soar high in stores considering that it has a newly updated operating system. Its sales were expected to increase almost a hundred percent of its sales after its meltdown. However, there have been many negative feedbacks about the phone. The company did not seem to see that coming.

According to Yahoo Finance, a survey was taken from a number of respondents to review their opinions about the new Blackberry. It was confirmed that the respondents are more interested in Smartphones carrying the Windows operating system. Microsoft clearly went beyond the BB10 far ahead. The survey revealed that consumers end up thinking twice whether to spend their money on the phone or better choose one from a different brand. It was an indication that the company is going to have a hard time to entice the customers in the market of Android. But it turns out it isn’t that bad, after all, for the company. There have been reports that the BB10 has been gaining high sales in other parts of the world.

Blackberry Is Starting to Gain Its Original Users Back From Using Apple and Android

The news is a relief for Blackberry since it has been confirmed that it is gradually gaining its customers back in Canada. These customers used to be Android and Apple users but ended up buying the new BB10. At the same time, the United Kingdom sales are soaring high, too. These customers are more likely to be former users of the brand and switched to other brands like devices from Apple, Samsung and Google. They probably realized to come back home and enjoy the new features the BB10 has to offer them. The sales is not a full assurance that the company will gain back all of its customers, but it’s fair enough to say that it is never too late for it to move forward.

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