Apple iOS 7 runs on more than 74 percent of compatible iOS devices; have you upgraded already?

David Parker December 7, 2013 0
Apple iOS 7 runs on more than 74 percent of compatible iOS devices; have you upgraded already?


We have interesting news for Apple fans and consumers who have already upgrading their iOS devices to the latest version of operating system, Apple iOS 7. Latest App Store statistics reveal that more than 74 percent of iOS devices have already been upgraded to the iOS 7, and you are one of them!

We have all had a lot of expectations from Apple iOS 7, when the Internet and rumor mill told us about this upcoming software update. When Apple iOS 7 was officially released, a lot of consumers upgraded their devices on day one. Let us also not forget the large number of consumers from the developer community who got a chance to check out the beta versions of iOS 7 weeks before the official launch.

iOS 7

Apple iOS 7 had major visual changes and the entire look and feel of the OS was changed. The shift from iOS 6 to iOS 7 can be considered to be the most difficult and many consumers were not easily able to do that. The latest version (Apple iOS 7) received mixed responses from consumers and reviews around the world. Some liked it whereas some were unhappy with the frost glass design that somehow reminded them about Windows or Android OS.

But the good news now is that a majority of consumers have finally shifted to Apple iOS 7. According to official stats, 74 percent of all compatible iOS devices have been upgraded. So if you do the math, its clear that only 26 percent on total devices are on iOS 6 or lower.

Remember that the total 100 percent only includes devices that are compatible with iOS 7, so the remaining 26 percent have not upgraded to iOS 7 due to some reason, but they technically can. And if you are interested in the details of the remaining 26 percent, we have that info as well. Out of the remaining 26 percent, 2 percent iOS devices are running on iOS 6 whereas only 4 percent devices are still on older iOS versions.

With this high percentage of iOS devices running on Apple iOS 7, iOS 7 has become the fastest adopted version of iOS till date. The total number of consumers using iOS 7 has also increased by 10 percent if compared to the number from last month.

Each day, this percentage will go increasing as more and more consumers buy new iOS devices including the Apple iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPad Air and iPad Mini retina display. Each of these devices run on Apple iOS 7 right out of the box, so the total should just keep on benefiting Apple.

That day isn’t far when more than 90 percent of compatible iOS devices will run on Apple iOS 7! Apple has once again been successful to attract consumers to its newest operating system. But the exact reasons may vary from consumer to consumer. So do you have an iOS device? If yes, what is the reason for upgrading it to Apple iOS 7? Did you do it just to be able to get the latest versions of games and apps, or do you actually like the new operating system? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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