iPad Air – The Best and the Latest iPad Model

Jaycee De Guzman December 7, 2013 0
iPad Air – The Best and the Latest iPad Model


iPad Air is the latest addition to the line-up of Apple’s iPad models. Major improvements have been made by the Apple company in order to give us nothing but the best iPad model this time. Personally, I think the iPad Air is the best among all iPad models and all other Android tablets in the whole world.

The Size and Weight of iPad Air

If you have already experienced holding the latest iPad model, you would definitely notice that it is smaller and slimmer compared to its predecessor. It has a height of 240 millimeters, which is smaller compared to the 241.2 millimeter of its predecessor. Aside from a smaller height, it also has a smaller width, which is 169.5 millimeter compared to the 185.7 millimeter of its predecessor. Another thing is its depth of 7.5 millimeter, which is still smaller compared to its predecessor’s 8.8 millimeter. Aside from its size, the iPad Air also weighs less. Its Wi-Fi + Cellular version only weighs at 478 grams. Its predecessor’s Wi-Fi + Cellular version weighs a lot more at 613 grams. This just means that the recently released iPad Air weighs 28 percent lighter compared to the previous iPad model. The latest iPad model is also 20 percent thinner compared to the previous model. This is the very reason why I love iPad Air the most, considering the fact that I am very keen when it comes to the heaviness of the gadget.


More Improvements

iPad Air - The Best and the Latest iPad ModelAs what I can see, the retina display is one of things that the Apple iPad air boasts the most. Well, it is due to the fact that many users really fell in love with iPad Air’s retina display. It offers very high resolution at 264 pixels per inch. Another thing I love the most about this iPad model is that it comes with an oleophobic coating, which is resistant to fingerprints. Now, fingerprints on your screen won’t be a problem any longer.

Aside from the physical changes of the latest iPad model, its performance upgrade is obviously noticeable. With its new A7 chip that comes with a 64-bit architecture, it is not a surprise that I find this model very fast. In fact, it is twice as fast as the previous iPad model I bought. I certainly do not regret purchasing this device, considering the fact that it gives me so much features and specifications to enjoy.

The iOS 7 Processor

Apple iPad Air comes at its best with the iOS 7 version. The clean look of iPad iOS 7 makes the device perfect. Though, at first, I did not like the look and feel of the iOS 7, the processor grew on me. It might have taken me a long time to appreciate it, but I tell you, you would certainly love this new iOS 7 more than anything else.

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