iPad Debut – To Follow iPhone Debut on China Mobile

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iPad Debut – To Follow iPhone Debut on China Mobile


After Apple and China Mobile has signed the agreement to partner, market watchers have been very excited about the collaboration as they see it as a way to provide a significant boost to Apple’s iPhone sales. After all, the China Mobile is considered to be the largest wireless provider in the whole world with its massive 759 million subscribers. There are also speculations that iPad debut would come next to iPhone debut on the carrier.

The Future of iPhone in China

According to Chris Whitmore, a count analyst of Deutsche Bank, he sees Apple doing well in terms of selling iPhones in China. He even said that he foresees the sales of iPhone to go as high as 20 million sales through the help of China Mobile, which is the largest mobile network in China. This would add incremental earnings per share of $4. Chris Whitmore also concluded that it would be a good step to take for the Apple to conduct iPad debut next through the carrier after the iPhone launching with the network has concluded.

The Perks of Collaborating With China Mobile

iPad Debut - To Follow iPhone Debut on China MobileSigning a contract with China Mobile is one of the smartest marketing strategies of Apple Incorporation. Now, with the contract, the Apple can make more iPhone sales in China without even giving up their standard pricing. Though Apple has already partnered with two relatively smaller mobile networks in China, it is still a great advantage that they have the China Mobile as its partner now. With this new partnership, massive iPhone sales in China are expected. China is considered to be among those untapped smartphone market, considering the fact that there is only one non-Chinese manufacturer in China’s to 10 Android smartphone manufacturer. In China, Android smartphones are considered to be much more popular than iOS phones. It is due to the very fact that Chinese are very keen with regard to their budget.


The Future of iPad Debut

After the debut of iPhones through China’s largest mobile network China Mobile, Chris Whitmore thinks that conducting iPad debut would also do well for Apple. A delay between the launching of iPhones and cellular-capable iPad devices is very usual. One good example for this is the partnership of Apple and Sprint. Sprint offered iPhone models first. Then, it expanded its scope by offering cellular-capable iPad devices as well.

The timetable for the iPad debut on the carrier is still undecided and unknown. Accordingly, Whitmore does not anticipate the iPad debut on China Mobile as soon as next year. However, this is not considered to be a bad thing. As a matter of fact, the count analyst is anticipating that the further development of the platforms of iPhones and iPads would still continue until the next couple of years. According to him, the company would push shares of AAPL stock much higher.

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