What Are the Improvements Done to the Nexus 5 Camera?

Jaycee De Guzman December 7, 2013 1
What Are the Improvements Done to the Nexus 5 Camera?


There is no doubt that the Nexus 5 is the best Android smartphone today. It is the latest model of Nexus smartphone series. Despite the fact that many users are more than just satisfied with the handset unit, there are still some users who want more than what the Nexus 5 offers. One of the features of the Nexus 5 unit that gets the attention of most Nexus 5 haters is the Nexus 5 camera. Thus, Google has started to sort things out to know the things they can do to satisfy these users.

The Smartphone Camera

Before, it is undeniable that people are just contented with any mobile phone that comes with a camera. Now, everything has changed. People now want to take pictures through their smartphones and they want to get the best output. As a matter of fact, people want to take pictures that are as good as those pictures taken through a DSLR camera. This is the very reason why smartphone manufacturers continue to do their best to provide better and better camera features every single time they release a new model.

The Nexus 5 Camera

Though Nexus 5 is considered to be currently the best among all the Android smartphones today, it still has its drawback. Its camera seems to have some imperfection, which some users are complaining. This is why Google has started to make some improvements to make the Nexus 5 camera much better than ever. The result of the efforts exerted by the Android team is none other than the Android 4.4.1.


Nexus 5 Camera: The Changes

What Are the Improvements Done to the Nexus 5 Camera?The changes done to the Nexus 5 are divided into five categories. The first category is the autofocus. Combining image quality and speed needs a perfect balance, especially in low light. The problem with the camera of Nexus 5 is that it is too focused in achieving a perfect image quality, which leaves no more room for speed. It is true that the Nexus 5’s optical image stabilization is almost perfect. This even allows the user to take extremely great shots in low light. However, the problem arises when the user decides to take pictures in good lighting. Why? It is simple because it has slow shooting speed, which is absolutely frustrating. Dave Burke, who is Google’s Director of Engineering for Android, improved the autofocus of the Nexus 5 camera by increasing the speed of its frame rate and speeding up how the camera can adjust to its surroundings and throw a picture. Burke and his team made significant improvements to Nexus 5 camera’s white balance, exposure and autofocus. Though big improvements have been done, Burke says that there are still more rooms for improvements. This just means that they will still do more improvements to achieve perfection.

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