Facebook Will Introduce the Brand New News Feed Design on March 7

Jaycee De Guzman March 4, 2013 0


Every time we open Facebook, if there isn’t any message, then we check the News Feed. The News Feed is considered to be the “capital city” of the network. It is the space where everyone gets to check on each other. It has been doing its part for a while and probably needs a makeover. Definitely it’s doing it; the social media team is on its way to introduce the new face of News Feed after a little transformation.

Last Friday, Facebook started sending out invitations to the press that is dated March 7. The invite says, “Come see a new look for News Feed” and it will be held in Menlo Park, California. It is where the company’s headquarters is situated. The team realized it’s about time to give the space some cleanup like the ones we do in the springtime. The News Feed comes out after simply logging in or clicking the Home button. It’s where users spend the most of their time and the company loves it. The goal of the social media network is to keep everyone connected no matter the distance and no matter the time. Removing some of the unnecessary sections is part of the plan and will make the page look more fabulous and relevant.


Facebook Will Introduce the Brand New News Feed Design on March 7

Facebook gave the News Feed a major makeover in the year 2011 by the month of September. The said makeover gained negative feedbacks at first but was later embraced by the subscribers. Rumors are speculating that a very friendly design is yet to come in our News Feed space. But all of these speculations will be clear come March 7. On this day, the official design of our personal spaces will be introduced and we hope not to spend a longer adjustment period like others did with Timeline.

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