Microsoft Research’s new tool Telepathwords can guess your password

David Parker December 8, 2013 0
Microsoft Research’s new tool Telepathwords can guess your password


How many of you have had a problem settling with a password that is easy to remember but hard to guess? Well, we guess many of us. Microsoft has come up with a solution to this commonly faced issue.

Microsoft Research has come up with a tool called Telepathwords that is designed to help users to prevent using a weak password. This tool has the ability to analyse every character you type and guess the next letter. The tool prompts the user to select another character that cannot be guessed if it is in line with the standard rules that people generally follow. Sounds interesting!


Telepathwords has been designed by the research team at Microsoft after arming themselves with a database of commonly used passwords that have been used before using the standard rules. The tool automatically guesses the vulnerabilities in the passwords and prompts the user to change the letter. The guessing of the next letter is done on the basis of the commonly used passwords, phrases and patterns which are used by hackers to guess passwords.

Stuart Schechter who has studied intersection of human behaviour and computer security wrote a paper along with his colleagues on the risks of using ‘secret questions’ as a authentication measure.

Schechter states, “The system doesn’t ask the user to learn anything up-front or follow any specific rules. Rather, as you type each key of your intended password, it displays the characters it thinks you’re most likely to type next. If it succeeds in predicting one or more characters of the rest of your password, the evidence that these characters are predictable will be right in front of your eyes.”

Conventional wisdom, knowledge of secondary password authentication systems, access to huge store of publicly available data and password-setting habits of individuals have helped the team to come up with this user friendly tool.

To check the strength of your password on Telepathwords click here.

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