PS Plus Will Continue to Feature Games With Paid Subscription

Sara Cunningham March 10, 2013 0

The PlayStation Plus, or commonly called as the PS Plus, will play a very important part in the new PS4. The service will obviously come with a subscription package. Jim Ryan confirmed this statement during an interview. He is the CEO and SCEE president, speaking for the new PlayStation 4. He also added that it is too early to announce the company’s plans to the public. But he stressed out the service will surely be a significant part in the new game console.

There have been trembling sets of rumors that came out after the launch of the new PS4. The game console did not bag most of the consumers’ interest since there is nothing much to expect from it. At the same time, the game console unspotted on the event gained negative and sarcastic comments, after all, some of those comments end up to be true. One specific rumor has been going around, that the PS Plus will be terminated and will be replaced. The service is rumored to be called the PlayStation World. It compares to the Xbox Live of Xbox consoles. There are many online features that the new console will offer but most of it will have to be paid first. Analysts have concluded that the PS4 will give the users a different perspective in gaming but mostly comes with paid subscriptions.

PlayStation Plus Will Continue to Feature Games With Paid Subscription

Sony was open to the public on its plans during the Mobile World Congress last week, it never made mention of anything that would sound like “PlayStation World.” It did not also provide any information which services of the PS Plus are going to be free to use and which ones aren’t. According to Michael Denny – Senior Vice President of Worldwide Studios, the company will never stop seeking for individual groups to contribute its skills to PS4.

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