Apple wants reimbursement of $22 million from Samsung for legal fees

David Parker December 9, 2013 0
Apple wants reimbursement of $22 million from Samsung for legal fees


Apple is in just no mood to relent in the patent wars with Samsung Electronics. The latest update in the ongoing courtroom battle is that Apple wants Samsung to shell out approximately $22 million as compensation for the legal bills that it has accrued during the course of the trial.

Apparently, Apple says that the total money it has shelled out in fees to expert lawyers till date is close to $60 million. And it is expecting a partial reimbursement of $22 million from Samsung for the same. U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh has received this request from Apple. The breakup that Apple mentioned for the $22 million is as below:

  • $15.7 million in attorney fees
  • $6.2 million in various expenses incurred by lawyers

This legal battle has been highly publicized and has been in the media attention since many months and is undoubtedly a complicated one. In the first trial, Samsung was ordered to pay Apple close to $1.05 billion for patent infringement. However, afterwards Judge Koh cut down the fine by around $450 million because the jury was unable to match up to their verdicts accordingly.

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This wasn’t the end of Samsung’s problems as in the last month there was a retrial held to assess the correct extent of damages. The jury this time decided to award the Cupertino tech giant another $290 million, which brought the total fine to around $790 million.

The current request by Apple seeking a further $22 million will be assessed by Judge Koh on January 30th. The lawyers stand to gain many more millions as Samsung is set to appeal the original verdict that awarded Apple $1.05 billion on the same day.

These legal battles over patent infringement will continue in the next year too as Apple will be charging Samsung’s newer models on patent infringement. Judge Lucy Koh will again be overlooking the case.

In all of this action, the happiest lot will be the lawyers as Apple and Samsung being the electronic giants, wont hesitate to shell out millions in legal fees to defend themselves. We only wish that all of this really ends soon and these millions of dollars are put to better use.

Source: AP

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