Motorola’s ambitious Project Ara smartphone prototype is almost complete

David Parker December 10, 2013 0
Motorola’s ambitious Project Ara smartphone prototype is almost complete


Project Ara, Motorola’s ambitious project based on the Phonebloks concept of a modular smartphone is already in the prototype phase and pretty close to being complete.

The CEO of Motorola, Dennis Woodside, confirmed this in a Google+ Hangout session. He said that while the prototype for a modular smartphone is already “pretty close” to completion, the final product which will be production ready is still not due in the near future for the time being.  This is understandable as a prototype goes through many levels of refinement and testing before a final product comes to shape.

Another interesting update which Woodside gave is that the Project Ara modular smartphone may eventually one day make its way to the Moto Maker website. As you might be aware, Moto Maker allows you to customize almost every aspect of your smartphone before it ships out to you. This ensures that your phone has a unique look and customized software/data as per your requirements. Currently, the only phone available on Moto maker is the Moto X. Project Ara, if launched on Moto Maker, would surely get a shot in the arm.



Motorola would continue to refine and research further to chart out a proper direction and course for Project Ara. They have launched a concept known as ‘Ara Scouts’. People interested in getting involved in the future of the project can sign up as ‘Ara Scouts’ and receive monthly updates with voice their opinions or share any photos or ideas.

These updates will be done in a unique and creative way as missions to complete on their smartphones. The most active participants will be entitled to a free prototype device.

In case you are not aware, Motorola, 3D Systems and Phonebloks came together to launch the Project Ara, whose ultimate goal is to create a smartphone with interchangeable parts that fit in together as modules allowing you to replace a component independently if required.

The obvious advantage of such a modular smartphone would be that you separately upgrade specific components of your device without replacing the entire phone. For example, with Project Ara, you could simply remove the old RAM module and upgrade to a higher capacity RAM module without buying a new smartphone, just like you would do on a desktop or a laptop.

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