Qualcomm Introduced Its Glimbal Proximity Beacons

Jaycee De Guzman December 11, 2013 0
Qualcomm Introduced Its Glimbal Proximity Beacons


Apple’s iBeacons is already a hit today. Now, Qualcomm has decided to step into developing and producing proximity beacons as well. Qualcomm has already announced the release of its brand new Glimbal proximity beacons, which work similarly to Apple’s iBeacons.

Qualcomm’s Proximity Beacons to Match Apple’s iBeacons

Qualcomm has pushed innovation to its maximum by providing a technology similar to Apple’s own iBeacons. This proximity beacon is anticipated to work similarly to iBeacons, which makes the product much more promising. The Glimbal proximity beacons – the proximity beacons provided by Qualcomm – serve as a physical Bluetooth access point that allows interaction with a variety of applications of iPads and iPhones over Bluetooth LE.

The Qualcomm wants to allow interaction among different brands to enable the delivery of necessary information much easier and much more convenient. The overall platform of Qualcomm’s Glimbal is announced as a “context aware” proximity platform that enables different brands to transfer relevant information to their clients based on physical location, activity, time and even personal interests. The invention of Qualcomm’s Glimbal is surely among the biggest innovation of today’s technology generation.


The Different Sizes of Qualcomm’s Glimbal Proximity Beacons

Qualcomm Introduced Its Glimbal Proximity BeaconsQualcomm’s Glimbal proximity beacons are available in two different sizes. Yes, just like those other gadgets like iPads and smartphones, these proximity beacons come in large and small versions. The Series 10 proximity beacons, which are considered to be the smaller version of Qualcomm’s proximity beacons, can be purchased at a price of only $5. Isn’t it very affordable? On the other hand, the Series 20 proximity beacons, which tend to be the larger version of Qualcomm’s proximity beacons, only cost $10, which is still considered as inexpensive. Those individual beacons-compatible proximity beacons come at a more expensive price of $100 for 3 beacons. The availability of these Qualcomm’s Glimbal beacons is surely a big step toward a greater technology innovation that provides more convenience to a number of gadget users.

The Difference Between Apple’s iBeacons and Qualcomm’s Glimbal Beacons

Qualcomm made its Glimbal proximity beacons indistinguishable from Apple’s iBeacons with Glimbal beacons’ iOS support. This makes the proximity beacons of Qualcomm much better. Of course, being able to match Apple’s iBeacons is absolutely something to look forward to. The iOS support of Qualcomm’s proximity beacons gives retailers and merchants the perfect alternative for much more expensive Apple technology. However, despite the fact that Apple’s iBeacons and Qualcomm’s Glimbal are indistinguishable, Apple’s iBeans still has its advantage over Qualcomm’s Glimbal. iPads and iPhones can be figured as both iBeacon transmitters and receivers, eliminating the need for using a separate piece of hardware. This alone gives edge to Apple’s iBeacons. However, Qualcomm’s Glimbal is a much more inexpensive choice.

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