Sony PS4 Has Given the Game Developers of Scotland a Stint on Its Skills

Sara Cunningham March 10, 2013 0

Sony’s consistent release of gaming consoles gives an opportunity not just for developers but for its people. Sony will release its latest gaming console, the Sony PS4 later this year and everyone have been waiting since the device never appeared in the public yet. Some of the game developers in the world are from Scotland according to Tiga. The gaming industry is in the highlight of its stardom this year. Sony has partnered with game developers in the place. It is confirmed that more than 1,500 citizens are given the chance for employment in the industry.

According to a statement by Richard Wilson – chief of executive of Tiga, the development of the new PS4 has given the developers a chance to practice their skills and present their technical knowledge to the world. He also mentioned that it is very amazing to know that there is a new game console coming out that will offer the world new features and a whole new experience in the gaming world. The technical director of Dundee Beartrap Games also released a statement related to the latest release of Sony. He mentioned that this new console will be different from the previous PS3. He appreciated the fact that this new one is close to becoming a personal computer which will provide more comfort to its users.

Sony PS4 Has Given the Game Developers of Scotland a Stint on Its Skills

Paul McGee – the managing director for Secret Lunch also appreciates the new console. He also revealed that the company is set to meet in the Game Developer’s Conference which will happen next month. The two companies are going to discuss the new creation of Secret Lunch, the Shu. It is a game that was famous and enjoyed by gamers in the year 1990. They are aiming to have the PS4 carry out this title too. Secret Lunch on the other hand is also a company from Dundee. It was founded a year ago by the Abertay University graduates of Dundee.

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