Nokia is reportedly working on an Android phone codenamed Normandy, pictures leaked

David Parker December 12, 2013 0
Nokia is reportedly working on an Android phone codenamed Normandy, pictures leaked


If rumours are to be believed, Nokia is working on an Android phone which has been codenamed ‘Normandy’. Sometime back reputed leakster @evleaks had reported a low-end device from Nokia in the Asha range with the ability to support Android apps. The more recent speculations seem to back the previous leak.

nokia normandy

It appears that the Finnish company is working on a forked version of Android which is similar to what Amazon offers in the Kindle Fire range. The leaked images do not reveal anything on what to expect in terms of hardware but the outward appearance does make it look similar to the Nokia Lumia range. The image does not reveal any dedicated camera button device with no apparent capacitive buttons for navigation; other internal specs still remain a mystery. Normandy is likely to support Android applications like Skype and other popular apps from what we have heard so far.

Nokia seems to be going ahead with its Android powered device despite the fact that Microsoft’s plans to acquire Nokia are still on. It comes as a surprise as Microsoft is very keen to aggressively promote Windows based devices. Right now, we are unsure whether the device will be released before the final Microsoft deal is done or whether Microsoft would continue with the plans to bring the device to the market.

The device will mostly be in the budget range with access to more traditional smartphone apps, very much similar to the low-cost Asha series from Nokia.

Nokia employees are targeting a 2014 release for Normandy. Sources say that despite the recent acquisition of the ‘Devices and Services’ division by Microsoft, the project is going ahead with full steam.

Like all other leaks we have to take this one too with a pinch of salt. Only time will tell how much steam this rumour has. Till then we will wait for official information to be released.

What do you think of Normandy? Do you feel Nokia would push the device before the Microsoft acquisition is finalised? Do write to us with your views in the comments section provided below.

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