Sony’s 4K Movie Service Will Be Featured by the New Sony PS4

Sara Cunningham March 11, 2013 0
Sony’s 4K Movie Service Will Be Featured by the New Sony PS4

The Sony PS4’s launching did not gain much anticipation from the people. The console promised features that are new but most of it were already featured by the previous version. The console was not even present during the launch. Sony has been discreet with the physical design of the console but introduced a new feature. It is the first in console history, the Sony’s 4K Movie Service.

The Verge confirmed that the new PS4 will carry the new service which is the Sony’s 4K Movie Service. The 4K service will display the highest resolution that is currently supported by today’s televisions and even Blu-Rays. It’s expected not just to double, but provide even four times excellent resolution. The feature will be the first ever in Sony and in technology. However, the 4K movie download service will not be able to support the games. There was a statement released by one of the executives of the company, Phil Molyneux. He is the president for Sony Electronics and the Chief of Officer as well. But he pointed out that the service will deal with movies and photos promising an excellent high definition service to its users.

Sony’s 4K Movie Service Will Be Featured by the New Sony PS4

But the executive also mentioned that 4K movies are usually 100GB or even more. This is frustrating, since it is possible to spend the whole night downloading such type of movies. On the other hand, the experts focusing on Sony’s 4k Movie Service is on its way to develop a new 4K system that will be able to jive with the files to be downloaded. This includes its 4K televisions and the no show console, the PS4. A lot of enthusiasts are waiting for the release of the console, until now there has been no confirmation when it will be available in the market.

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