Nokia Normandy – Knowing the Facts and Theories About the Device

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Nokia Normandy – Knowing the Facts and Theories About the Device


While the speculations with regard to the Nokia Normandy are still hot, Microsoft continues to push through the finalization of its $7.4 billion purchase to take over Nokia. The takeover of Microsoft and the release of Normandy seem to be not synchronized. How come Nokia would release another handset device in the year 2014 if Microsoft would take over the company in the first half of 2014? This is just among the questions that the people have on their minds.

Will Normandy Be Released?

With the finalization of the $7.4 billion purchase contract between Microsoft and Nokia, speculators, including mobile experts and market analysts, concluded that Microsoft won’t let the rumored Nokia Normandy see the light. This just means that Microsoft won’t allow the release of the Normandy unit. So, for those who are really waiting for the release of this low-end Nokia phone model, you better lower your expectations to avoid big disappointments. On the other hand, while some speculators think this way, there are those who think that Microsoft would be needing an inexpensive handset device that would fall between the high-end Nokia Lumia family and low-end Nokia Asha family in order to keep up with the market competition. It does not matter if it would be Normandy or not, as long as it is between the cost of Lumia and Asha.


Facts and Theories About Normandy

Nokia Normandy - Knowing the Facts and Theories About the DeviceOne interesting fact about this rumored Nokia Normandy is that an unnamed source has told The Verge and ALL Things D that the device is really under the Nokia company. The unnamed source also told them that the possible release of this low-end device is in early 2014. The first leak of the phone Normandy was made by @evleaks. In his Twitter account, he uploaded the assumed photo of the said handset unit. This caused all the rumors that have something to do with the device.

One of the many theories with regard to Normandy comes from Carolina Milanesi, who is a Gartner analyst. Carolina Milanesi thinks that the rumored phone device is probably not an Android phone. This theory is contrary to what many people suspect about the Normandy. Milanesi thinks that the Nokia Normandy will be more like between or a combination of Linux, Android and Meego that still runs Android applications. Milanesi also stated that everything that will be done by Nokia will have an approval from the Microsoft company. She said that everything that will be done by the Nokia company will be for the benefit of Microsoft, the company who will take over Nokia, either from an apps perspective or an ecosystem perspective with Windows. Right now, the only thing that is clear about the release of Normandy is that people will still have to wait until next year to clarify all their questions with regard to the said device.

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