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There is no doubt that the development of technology products definitely runs with a fast pace. Today, it is no longer a surprise to see different technology products popping out all of a sudden. People have been used with the constant and fast-paced evolution in the world of technology. However, despite the familiarity, people still find it amazing to see a fascinating kind of product. One of the most fascinating technology products these days is none other than the technology used for wireless charging.

The New Brand of Alliance for Wireless Power

The latest wireless charging technology today is called as Rezence, which is the new brand name of the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP). The Alliance for Wireless Power is a consortium of high-profile tech companies. It competes with Power Matters Alliance and Wireless Power Consortium to become the leading provider of wireless charging technology. It aims to pitch the next-generation of the wireless charging method. As a matter of fact, the company wants to become as popular and successful as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which are definitely considered as two of the most innovative products of technology.

What Is Wireless Charging?

Rezence - Introducing the Best Wireless Technology TodayWireless charging is the technology that allows every individual to charge the battery of their phone or other device by just placing the device over the wireless charging pad. Below are the top three most prominent and incompatible standards:


1.) Wireless Power Consortium
This uses Qi, which is commonly used in the smartphones manufactured by Nokia. HTC and LG electronics devices are some of the select devices that make use of the standard Qi of Wireless Power Consortium.

2.) Power Matters Alliance
Power Matters Alliance is the one that created the charging stations in select McDonalds and Starbucks – two of the world’s leading companies in these days. It is also the one that created the charging stations for cases of popular smartphones, including iPhone models.

3.) Alliance for Wireless Power
This does not have a present product that is available in the market yet. This brand has been renamed as the Rezence.

Where Does the Brand Name “Rezence” Come From?

The brand name Rezence comes from the technology where the brand is based off. The technology used by this brand is none other than the magnetic resonance. This is among the most powerful versions of wireless charging. It enables a number of devices to be placed or to be moved around on the same wireless charging pad. It can even go through a piece of paper without obstructing the charging process. It is a unique one as both the Wireless Power Consortium and Power Matters Alliance use the inductive charging technology, which requires the devices to be specifically laid on the pad for charging. As of now, Wireless Power Consortium and Power Matters Alliance look for ways to match the technology used by Rezence.

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