Samsung Electronics – Combining Its Camera and Smartphone Divisions

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Samsung Electronics – Combining Its Camera and Smartphone Divisions


It is undeniable that iPhone devices are the best when it comes to smartphone cameras. Android cameras are all no match when it comes to the image quality and performance of iPhone devices. Among all of the Android cameras available in the market, it is the Samsung cameras that can put up a decent fight against iPhone cameras. However, Samsung Electronics, a Korean technology company, has never matched the perfection of these image experts who come from the city of Cupertino. Now, Samsung is looking for the best way to make their products much more competitive.

Why Does Samsung Need to Improve Their Smartphone Cameras?

Samsung is very determined to make their smartphone cameras much better than it used to be to keep up a tight competition with Apple’s iPhone products. It is a critical step to improve Samsung’s smartphone cameras as consumers these days are very keen when it comes to the features, specifically the camera, of their phones. Consumers these days tend to choose the smartphone with the best image quality and performance to take good shots. Remember that in today’s generation, considering the boom of Instagram, selfie pictures and more, it is important for the consumers to get the best smartphone camera.

Samsung’s Plan

Samsung Electronics - Combining Its Camera and Smartphone DivisionsIt is very obvious that Samsung wants to match the Apple’s iPhone devices as they take a very brute-force method to improve their camera quality. So, how does Samsung intend to improve their smartphone camera? It is simply creating a new division, which is composed of the company’s camera and mobile divisions. Amazing, isn’t it?


According to the ETNews report, the merging of the camera and mobile divisions of Samsung has started yesterday, December 13, 2013. Right now, a new division is already running. Samsung Electronics said that they will transplant the brand, sales competency, manufacturing competitiveness and sales networks of the Wireless Business Division into the Camera Business Division as their first action to develop a smartphone with a camera that is as good as the Apple’s iPhone’s camera. Samsung Electronics plan to combine the technical know-how of their two divisions into competency for the purpose of differentiating their smartphones among others.

How Will the Plan Go?

The plan of Samsung Electronics to integrate two of their divisions, namely the Wireless Business Division and the Camera Business Division, means that the Wireless Business Division will learn how to create better cameras through the Camera Business Division, On the other hand, the Camera Business Division will also learn how to the best techniques from the Wireless Business Division. The plan is like a give-and-take procedure, where the two divisions will give and receive new knowledge from one another. Therefore, do not be surprised anymore if you find additional features on Samsung’s camera.

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