Samsung Versus Apple – Facing Patent Infringement Issues

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Samsung Versus Apple – Facing Patent Infringement Issues


In today’s world, it is undeniable that technology dominates our lives. Whatever people do, they usually end up using technology to make things much more convenient and easier to do. Gadgets are one of the most commonly used products of technology these days. Among gadgets, smartphones are among the most popular. Apple and Samsung are among the top smartphone companies. These competing companies are not just competing for the sales. They are also really competing on the court for patent infringement issues.

The Patent Infringement Issues

Patent infringement cases are no longer uncommon in the world of smartphone and tablet companies. The world has constantly heard about the cases and lawsuits filed by one smartphone company against another smartphone company. Two of the many companies that are legally fighting about the patent infringement cases are Samsung and Apple, which are two of the biggest smartphone manufacturers of today. These two companies have already fought countless times in different countries in order to raise some patent infringement cases.

Samsung VS Apple

Samsung Versus Apple - Facing Patent Infringement IssuesSamsung and Apple are two of the leading smartphone manufacturers today. They are usually compared with one another. However, they do not just compete in terms of sales. They also compete in court. Apple had filed a patent infringement case against Samsung in a number of countries. On the other hand, Samsung had also filed patent infringement issues against Apple in different countries, including the country of South Korea.


Just last Tuesday, the South Korean court has already given its decision with regard to the patent infringement case filed by Samsung against Apple. The South Korean court has ruled against the case filed Samsung. The lawsuit that the Samsung company has filed threatened to ban some products, including older iPhone and iPad models, of the competing company Apple. Samsung expressed their disappointment with regard to the decision of the South Korean court through an email. According to the said company, Apple has continued to violate their patent mobile technology. Thus, they will not stop to take legal actions that are necessary in order to protect their intellectual rights.

This is not the only court battle of the two prominent mobile manufacturers. The two have been constantly locked up with this situation. Just last month, the American court has favored Apple over Samsung. They asked Samsung to pay the Apple company a total of $290 million. There are also times when Samsung won over the Apple company. In Germany, it has been said that the German court favored Samsung over Apple as the court dismissed the case filed by Apple against Samsung. As Samsung has already said a word regarding their court battles, Apple has chosen to remain silent as of this moment.

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