Microsoft’s Xbox One Aims to be the Main Entertainment Hub

Jaycee De Guzman December 15, 2013 1
Microsoft’s Xbox One Aims to be the Main Entertainment Hub


Aside from the newly launched smartphones and tablets, recently introduced home video game consoles are also rocking the market. Both Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One were released in the month of November 2013. The two put up a tight competition, considering the fact that both of them hit 1 million sales a day after their release and hit 2 million sales a few weeks after their official launching. So, what is the difference between the Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One? Well, truthfully, there is a lot. While PlayStation 4 is focused on the game experience, the Xbox One is more focused on becoming the primary entertainment hub in your living room.

Xbox One: Taking a Big Leap Toward Being the Main Entertainment Hub

The reason why many gamers prefer Sony’s PlayStation 4 over Microsoft’s Xbox One is due to the fact that PlayStation 4 is much more compact and much more focused on the gaming experience, which is what gamers love. On the other hand, the Xbox One took a leap in introducing the greatest gaming console innovation as it aims to become the main entertainment hub in your living room. Xbox One wants to enter a new market and encourage non-gamers to patronize the home video game console. It provides the user a program that guides the user on browsing is what is currently on the television and what is highlighted in applications such as Amazon and Netflix. It also allows the user to enjoy listening to the music and to reminisce happy moments by viewing pictures that are stored on the SkyDrive service of Microsoft. Of course, users can also play games as it is the primary purpose of Microsoft’s Xbox One.


What Does the Xbox One Require?

Microsoft’s Xbox One Aims to be the Main Entertainment HubThe game console Xbox One does not come in a complete entertainment set. You will still need to have your own TV set-top box in order to feed its TV signals. How? It is simply by using the HDMI pass-through of the Xbox One. Other things you need are streaming devices and of course, TV subscriptions. Though there are already too many upgrades in Microsoft’s Xbox One, Microsoft said that there are still a lot of features they need to add and develop. Now, it makes the next Xbox generation much more interesting. Many people are now wondering how the next generation of Xbox will look like and what features will it provide?

The Price of Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox One is much more expensive than Sony’s PlayStation 4. It is $100 more expensive than its competitor. Xbox One is being sold at a price of $500 while the PlayStation 4 is being sold at a price of only $400. Despite the relatively higher price, the sales of Xbox One have remained strong.

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