Windows Phone 8.1 Update – Say Goodbye to Your Physical Buttons

Jaycee De Guzman December 15, 2013 0
Windows Phone 8.1 Update – Say Goodbye to Your Physical Buttons


Today, many people prefer a minimalist design over an exaggerated design for their smartphones. This is one of the many main reasons why Apple’s iPhone devices are considered to be among the biggest smartphone hit these days. As we noticed, Apple has been consistent with their minimalist yet classy design. Many smartphone manufacturers are now following the steps of embracing a minimalist design for two main reasons: first, to attract customers who are into a simple yet classy design and second, to cut hardware costs.

Microsoft: To Borrow a Page From Android’s Playbook

Windows Phone 8.1 Update - Say Goodbye to Your Physical ButtonsTo join the revolutionary minimalist smartphone design, Microsoft is now set to borrow a page from the Playbook of Android, by eliminating its capacitive physical buttons and replacing it with touchscreen display buttons on its upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 Update. This revolution will surely make the Windows Phone much simpler but much more attractive compared to how it used to be, considering the fact that today is the era of minimalist design. So, why did Windows decide to take this action for their upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 Update? Their primary reason is not to fit in with the minimalist design, though it could be among the secondary reasons. The main reason for this decision is in order for Microsoft to allow Windows phone handset manufacturers to ditch their capacitive physical buttons and lower their manufacturing costs. Aside from the perk of lowering the manufacturing costs of Windows Phone handsets, it will also allow the smartphone manufacturers to introduce more similar kinds of Android handsets for the Windows Phone OS. This action is definitely beneficial to both the manufacturers and consumers.


A Leaked Screenshot

Of course, the Twitter account of @evleaks is always the very first one to give leaks of the upcoming gadgets. Windows was not able to escape @evleaks as the Twitter account has already uploaded a leaked screenshot of the said Windows Phone 8.1 Update. If you want to see the leaked screenshot, you can look for @evleaks on Twitter. For sure, you will also enjoy following his account as most of the time, if not always, he is the first one to upload leaks about a coming technology product.

The leaked screenshot of the Windows Phone 8.1 Update revealed the touch screen display Back, Search and Windows buttons. Instead of the physical buttons lying beneath the Windows Phone’s touchscreen, it will use the touch screen display buttons. You can now say goodbye to the traditional physical buttons as sooner or later, it will all be replaced with the touchscreen display buttons, considering the fact that many people prefer touchscreen display buttons over capacitive physical buttons and the fact that touchscreen display buttons allow smartphone handset manufacturers to cut costs and save more.

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