The Sony PS4 Controller Is Reconstructing Its Fame Against Xbox 720

Sara Cunningham March 11, 2013 0

Xbox has been getting good reviews lately with its controller. The controller for the previous model is expected to be the same with what Xbox 720 will feature in its release. But during the launch of the latest Sony game console, the PS4’s controller was also featured. The new PS4 controller is very unique and is catching up with the ones of Xbox. On Wednesday, CVG reported that the PS4 controller has received compliments since its launch. This was a statement released by Hermen Hulst. He is the co-founder of the Guerilla Games.

According to the executive, the new PS4 controller is very light, solid and feels really good to the hands. He couldn’t help but compare it to the one for Xbox 720. It appears that Sony is doing a good job in standing out from its competitors. He also confirmed that the new controller is way excellent than the device of the previously released PS3. He has observed that the quality of the new controller is going to be great because it is obvious that the materials used in creating the it has the best quality in the market. He also describes it to be very comfortable and makes the user feel that he is actually in there and in control of the game.

The Sony PS4 Controller Is Reconstructing Its Fame Against Xbox 720

Hulst also mentioned that the game Shadow Fall is more likely to be featured in the PlayStation Vita rather than in the Xbox 720. There is a great possibility for it to happen but there is no assurance yet from the developers, he added. Since, Remote Play is one of the features of the PS4; he assured that once Shadow Fall is in, Remote Play will also be available in the game. Hulst added that there have been very good and positive feedbacks after the launch of the controller and the company has needed those good comments for a while. He was thankful for all the comments since they have worked so hard and so long to finally create the new Sony PS4.

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