Popularity of Smaller Tablets – Causing Mobile Shopping Trend

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Today, people are more than just interested to acquire their very own tablet. Tablet comes in a variety of colors, designs, brands and sizes. Have you ever wondered what is the most in demand tablet? According to a certain research, the British people are fond of smaller tablets rather than the larger ones. Do you have any idea as to why the popularity of smaller tablets in the United Kingdom is very high?

Smaller Tablets Are a Hit for the Brits

With the research data compiled by Conlumino, an analytics firm, it has been found out that the British people are more likely to purchase smaller tablets rather than the full-sized tablets. It has also been discovered that the Brits are using their small tablets to shop online. As the number of small tablet-owners increases, the number of online shopping purchases also increases. The uptake in the purchases of these smaller tablets is considered to be the reason why the British people are shopping while they are on the go.

The Survey Regarding the Popularity of Smaller Tablets

Popularity of Smaller Tablets - Causing Mobile Shopping TrendIn the conducted survey, it was found out that the Brits people are fond of smaller tablets just like Google’s Nexus 7 and Apple’s iPad Mini with Retina Display. Smaller tablets comprised the 60 percent of the total tablet sales through eBay in the last three months. The data came from the consumer research in the study of Conlumino. The survey questioned a total of 1,205 respondents, who own tablets. The respondents came from the United Kingdom and the survey was conducted in the early days of December 2013.


The survey found out that almost 60 percent of the respondents claimed that they purchased their smaller tablet for the purpose of carrying it around without any problem. On the other hand, a total of 70 percent claimed that they bought smaller tablets so they can use it on the go while 43 percent said that they use they chose smaller tablets so it can fit into their handbags.

Popularity of Smaller Tablets Denotes More Online Shopping Activities

The speculation of the analytics firm Conlumino is that the popularity of online shopping in the United Kingdom is due to the popularity of smaller tablets. It has been concluded that the popularity of smaller tablets fuels an online or mobile shop trend. Eighty percent of the surveyed respondents said that they are using their tablets to shop. On the other hand, there are 60 percent who have said that they will be using their tablets for Christmas shopping. An analysis conducted on eBay showed that those consumers who shop through their tablets are likely to spend twice more than the consumers who shop through their desktop computer.

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