The Sales Revenue of the Video Game Industry Bolstered in November

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The Sales Revenue of the Video Game Industry Bolstered in November


The video game industry has dominated the month of November 2013 in terms of sales. The increased sales of home video game consoles and its software do not surprise market analysts, considering the fact that there are two brand new home video game consoles, namely Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, launched in the month of November 2013. With the release of these video game consoles, it is already expected the video game industry will have big revenue for the month of November. These newly launched game consoles have been competing with each other in terms of sales figures. These two are putting up a tight competition.

Video Game Industry Revenue

According to the National Purchase Diary (NPD), which is a market research firm, the video game industry generated revenue more or less $2.74 billion just for the month of November. The calculated revenue came from the sales of hardware, software and accessories at brick-and-mortar and physical retailers. The estimated video game industry revenue of the National Purchase Diary primarily covers new games. It does not include the online, digital and used sales. This just means that the actual generated revenue of the industry is even higher than the estimated revenue of $2.74 billion.


Hardware Revenue Versus Software Revenue

The Sales Revenue of the Video Game Industry Bolstered in NovemberNational Purchase Diary’s report indicated that the sales revenue of video game hardware is much bigger compared to the sales revenue of video game software. The sales of hardware increased up to 58 percent, generating total revenue of $1.33 billion. On the other hand, the sales of software dropped 24 percent, generating total revenue of $1.08 billion. Of course, consumers will be more interested in buying the newly released consoles than its software as of this moment. However, it is anticipated that the sales of software will increase in the following months when gamers start to look for new titles for their newly-bought video game consoles.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Is Leading

Based on the date for the month of November 2013, it could be concluded that the PlayStation 4 is leading the video game market, considering the fact that it has more sales compared to the Xbox One. The conclusion was backed by Sony’s report in the middle of the week that its latest PlayStation model is so far the most successful system launched by the company. However, some analysts have said that the only reason why Sony’s PlayStation 4 is doing better than Microsoft’s Xbox one in terms of sales figure is due to the fact that Sony released their PlayStation a week before Microsoft launched its Xbox One. They even noted that if the weekly sales would be considered, the Xbox One would beat PlayStation 4.

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