Nokia Normandy turns out to be a rumour, wearable devices planned instead

David Parker December 18, 2013 0
Nokia Normandy turns out to be a rumour, wearable devices planned instead


We had recently reported that Nokia is working on a low-end Android device called Normandy. The rumours stated that a forked Android device likely to run on Snapdragon 400 is on the cards.

For all those who were excited about this project from Nokia, there is some disheartening news. According to the latest information reported by a Chinese website CTechnology, the Android project has been ditched by Nokia. This news was reported by sources who claim to have insider information about the project.

nokia normandy


The decision to shelve the project has been taken directly by Nokia without any intervention from Microsoft, the sources from CTechnology said. The Android development was being done by Nokia’s CTO office which does not fall under the Microsoft deal.

It made logical sense to discontinue the project as Nokia is not allowed to sell Nokia-branded phones, smartphones or tablets under its name for the next 2 years under the contract with Microsoft. Pushing a new brand in a market flooded with tough giants in a situation where the Finnish company is working-out on transferring the distribution base to Microsoft would have been challenging.

The conclusion is; Android devices from Nokia are now a thing of the past. Nokia is now exploring and doing R&D on emerging technologies and other wearable devices like wireless power transmission, low power electromagnetic energy generation, flexible displays, graphene sensors, augmented reality and Nokia smartglass. Nokia smartwatch is also in the pipeline but it has gone to Microsoft as part of the deal. Thats not all, Vuzix, a VR headset manufacturer announced that the Vuzix M2000AR HMD smartglass was built using the Waveguide optics and holograph AR system from Nokia.


With Nokia now exploring other technologies, we hope that they find their place in the consumer electronics market like before.

We would like to state here that the whole ‘Normandy’ news was a rumour which was not backed by any official announcement from Nokia and the news of discontinuation of the project is also a speculation.

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