Apple’s Mac Pro goes on sale on Thursday, will ship by February

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Apple’s Mac Pro goes on sale on Thursday, will ship by February


If you still wish to add some more stuff to your holiday purchase list, you may consider Mac Pro which hit the market on 19 December.

With its unique design, Mac Pro looks completely different from anything that is available in the market. This new machine is the first major upgrade since 2010. The ‘dark tower’ machine is a silver and black cylinder that stands at just 10 inches tall.

Mac Pro gets the consumer attention back to desktops that had been overshadowed by the mobile revolution. The new Mac Pro is more than twice as fast as its predecessor that was released three years back.

mac pro


Specs-wise the ‘dark tower’ cylindrical workstation packs the following:

  • A 3.7GHz quad-core Intel Xeon E5-1620 v2 processor
  • 12GB of 1866MHz ECC DDR3 RAM
  • A 256GB PCI Express solid state drive
  • Two AMD FirePro D300 graphics cards with 2GB of GDDR5 memory each
  • It has six Thunderbolt 2 ports, enabling up to 36 external devices to be attached

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a tweet, “We have begun manufacturing the Mac Pro in Austin. It’s the most powerful Mac ever.”

An Apple spokesman said, “Demand for the all new Mac Pro is great and it will take time before supply catches up with demand.”

Although Apple has started taking orders for Mac Pro workstation, do not expect it to be shipped to until February 2014. The long waiting period for delivery has irked some users who have been eagerly waiting for the workstation.

Conputerworld notes, “The shipping delays hint at low production volume, higher-than-expected sales, or both. The bet would be on the first, since the Mac Pro is being assembled in a new factory in Austin, Texas.”

Mac Pro assembly line

The sleek machine is priced at $2999 for the base model. You will have to shell out $3,999 for additional upgrades with Intel’s 3.5GHz six-core Xeon E5-1650 v2 chip, 16GB of memory and two FirePro D500 GPUs with 3GB of GDDR5 RAM each. With custom modifications the price could push upwards to approx $12,000.

What are your views on Mac Pro? Are you going to buy one this holiday season? Do write to us with your comments in the section provided below.

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