The Apple iWatch Will Be Out in The Next Three Years

Sara Cunningham March 12, 2013 0

Do you ever wonder having an iPhone as a watch? Well, Apple has already confirmed that it has a team that is developing the Apple iWatch. The device is imagined to be a version of the iPhone that is wearable. People are expecting the watch to be able to surf the internet, make and receive calls, send text messages, open application, record videos and take photos. This device has been rumored to come out this year, but a source confirmed that it will have to be available in the next three years.

The Apple iWatch has partnered with Corning to develop the Willow glass. The Willow glass is said to be used in the construction of the watch as a whole. The company is developing a glass that can be folded like how newsprints can be folded. However, the representatives of the company confirmed that the device is not yet ready to be used this year because of the complexity of its design. So this contradicts the rumors that the watch will be released this year. The device can be used on other products that are not complicated within this year, but not yet ready to serve as a smartphone.

The Apple iWatch Will Be Out in The Next Three Years

There are rumors already about the features that the Apple iWatch will possess. It has been speculated that the watch will be able to connect to the iPhone with a wireless connection. The watch is also said to be able to have links to the features of the current smartphones. At the same time, the watch can also be used for payment transactions online, access the messages in the user’s personal iPhone, monitor the health condition of the user and can also be used for GPS. The watch is also confirmed to run the same system the other Apple products has the iOS. Until now, there is no confirmation as to how the watch will look like, its features and its specifications, but there is a lot of guessing happening in blogs on the internet.

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