MacBook Webcams – A Tool Commonly Used for Spying These Days

Jaycee De Guzman December 22, 2013 0
MacBook Webcams – A Tool Commonly Used for Spying These Days


Without a doubt, most, if not all, laptops these days already have a built-in camera. While these built-in cameras are very useful to us, especially during video calls, these cameras also pose a threat to our privacy. Don’t you know that built-in cameras, especially those pre-2008 MacBook webcams, are being used to invade your privacy? Individuals and some agencies hack the MacBook cameras and remotely control it to take images using the webcam camera. If you think that you are wise enough to know if your camera is being remotely used or not, then think twice. It could be more difficult to know if someone is spying on you through your laptop’s built-in camera than how you think it is.

The Theory on MacBook Webcams

The theory that a computer’s webcam could be a tool for spying has already been long-established. In the past few years, people who are very much keen with regard to their privacy have covered their web cameras in order to prevent the risk of being spied through their built-in web cameras. On the other hand, more people have been very lax about covering their cameras, thinking that they would immediately notice if someone is controlling their cameras remotely with the help of the camera’s light. What these people do not know is that the MacBook webcams prior to the year 2008 can be remotely controlled without even having the need to turn on the camera’s light. This makes it more difficult for someone to identify if there is someone spying on you through your web camera.


Victim of Web Camera Spying

MacBook Webcams - A Tool Commonly Used for Spying These DaysOne of the victims of the web camera spying is Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf. She was blackmailed by her high school classmate named Jared Abrahams. Jared, who spied on Cassidy Wolf, took pictures of the Miss Teen USA through Cassidy’s own web camera. Jared Abrahams was found guilty in hacking and spying on Cassidy Wolf. He blackmailed her with the nude pictures he took through the victim’s web camera. Though it is true that it is not the first time that there was an incident of web camera spying, it is quite different from the past cases since the MacBook camera of Cassidy did not turn its light on even when the camera was already working.

The Confirmation

Through the help of a number of researches, it has been confirmed that MacBook webcams prior to the year 2008 can definitely be used remotely without having the need to turn on its camera light while taking pictures. This is definitely a serious privacy problem. However, it is still a little unclear if all MacBook cameras work like this since the researches were mainly focused on MacBook cameras prior to the year 2008.

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