The Chromebook Pixel Doesn’t Seem to Meet the User’s Needs

Sara Cunningham March 12, 2013 0

Google has released Chromebooks before but its latest edition is different. The Chromebook Pixel, it is the first laptop with a touch screen released by the company. It is available in two types, one with the normal wireless capability and the other one has an LTE feature. Google is aiming to entice the customers to try completely living in the cloud. The Pixel doesn’t have a physical hard drive and most of its applications are accessed only when online.

The Chromebook Pixel is exceptionally beautiful. Aside from the fact that it is a touch screen laptop, it also has an excellent edge in its displaying powers. The screen has 239 pixels per inch capacity and gives out a display with very high resolution. It actually goes beyond the Retina display that the Apple MacBook Air has. The images on the Pixel screen really look so alive and vibrant. The version with the LTE feature is very fast, it is provided with a wireless service from Verizon for two consecutive years. The LTE version costs around $200 more than the other which is $1299. The user can also log out anytime and get back to the last work done even without having to press save. This is the power of the cloud life that Google is trying to deliver in this laptop.

The Chromebook Pixel Doesn’t Seem to Meet the User’s Needs

But, it isn’t that good at all. According to the systems manager of the Chronicle, it might not be time for the Chromebook Pixel to be used in the newsroom yet. Analysts say that it might be too early for Google to push technology to its limits. Since, in today’s busy world, most of the users would go for a MacBook or a Windows operated computer, because it has the ability to remotely access a program through a plug-in called, Citrix. The Pixel is an excellent invention and is actually good, but it just doesn’t meet the needs for some.

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