Cyanogenmod is is now installed on more than 10 million devices

David Parker December 24, 2013 0
Cyanogenmod is is now installed on more than 10 million devices


Oppo N1 with the CyanogenMod edition has been in the news recently. If you belong to the Cyanogen community there is good news for you.

The official CyanogenMod statistics page states that the custom Android ROM has reached a 10 million installation mark.

The installation break-up has been listed as official-5,525,634 and unofficial- 4,485,423 figures totalling to 10,011,057 downloads on devices. Interesting bit is, the 10 million figure points to active users of CyanogenMod as devices that haven’t checked in with the CyanogenMod database within 90 days are removed and not counted. CEO Kirk McMaster had stated that back in September the true user base was close to 16-24 million back then. Now that certainly shows that CyanogenMod is slowly gathering steam and gaining momentum.



Interestingly, Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Galaxy S III are devices that got the maximum Cyanogen downloads, that is 510,209, 493,227 and 457,379 respectively. CyanogenMod 10.1, which is built each day with the latest updates, is the most popular version indicating that the stronghold still remains with the techie crowd.

Considering that not many play around with the OS and prefer to stick to their pre-installed versions of Android, this figure is indeed impressive. We are sure that this figure will only keep improving now that CyanogenMod has taken steps to simply the installation process. Their commercial partnership with OPPO for their first flagship device N1 that comes preinstalled with CyanogenMod and word of certification from Google may push CyanogenMod towards being one of the largest mobile platforms.

For those waiting for Oppo N1 with the CyanogenMod edition, the device will be available for purchase beginning December 24 and will come preloaded with Google Play.

If things go right we may soon find devices from Samsung and HTC coming pre-installed with CyanogenMod by next year. Let’s wait and see what the New Year holds for them.

Do you belong to the technophile crowd and are fascinated by Cyanogen OS? Have you tried using this mobile platform? What has been your experience? Do write to us with your comments in the section provided below.

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